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Digital currencies is the next generation of payments that will transform your society or business model to the core. Central banks, organisations or business – mint your own digital currency, vouchers or tokens with CashButlers patented technical concept.

PRESS RELEASE 2023-01-27

Malmö-based fintech company Plexian is launching PlexChain, a patented digital currency designed to improve customer loyalty and provide a smoother shopping experience. PlexChain, which is a stablecoin, is developed in partnership with CashButler and can be used either as a standalone app solution or as a whitelabel service that integrates with the customer’s existing system.

PRESS RELEASE 2022-11-29

Plexian and Cashbutler signs agreement to develop customer-specific digital currency solutions. The collaboration will initially result in a jointly owned company, PlexChain, in which Cashbutler’s European-patented DC system will land and continue to be developed.

Check out different usage scenarios in PlexChain's explainer video


A digital currency, vouchers or tokens creates unlimited possibilities, such as liquidizing of physical assets or simplified internal payments with reduced transaction costs.

How it works

Our dynamic distributed ledger blockchain technology makes it a straightforward process to mint your own currency, vouchers and tokens or a Central Bank Digital Currency.

Patented concept

We have a patented technical concept for digital real-time and highly secure transactions of e-currencies or information with a dynamic distributed ledger blockchain technology.

Who needs it?

Shopping malls

Coffee and food chains

Large corporations

Fan clubs or leisure clubs

University campuses



Digital currency, vouchers or tokens creates ample of new possibilities, for example:

  • Simplify internal company payments and reduce transaction costs as third parties aren’t required.
  •  Easy distribution of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) to a low cost.
  • Convert any digital or physical asset into liquid and tradeable digital tokens (tokenization).
  • Tokenization reduces entry barriers to investments and extends the reach to investors.
  • Finance startups with a Security Token Offering and reach investors without an intermediary.
  • ​Distribute an own currency used by your customers as payment and/or as loyalty points.
  • Peg the digital currency to a physical asset and create a non-volatile StableCoin.
  • Efficient handling of everything from bus to concert tickets.
  • Trade vouchers/loyalty points freely between users.
  • Send out geo-located advertising, offers, discounts and services direct to users.

How it works

Mint your digital currency

Straightforward minting
of a digital currency or a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) with the Cashbutler patented technical concept.

1. Set the denomination
Decide how many times one unit can be divided (equivalent to euros and cents)

2. Set the value
Decide the worth of one value based token – set it as a digital representation of an asset or as a market-driven currency.

3. Distribute currency
Allocate tokens directly to user wallets or via intermediators through encrypted transfers.

Security checks

Authentication and verification
Transactions are authenticated and verifyed through encrypted communication with the issuer and/or through an encrypted peer-to-peer-network.

Fraud proof
Each token recieves a new id upon authentication with the issuer, which makes it impossible to double spend a token.

All transactions are traceable through a constantly updated list of transactions – a shared digital ledger.

4. User wallet
The user can now transfer tokens to other wallets. Each transfer are scrutinised according to the security checks.

Examples: Transfer of different currencies

Currency: Central bank digital currency (CBDC).
Scenario: Carl pays for a taxi ride using his CBDC.

Currency: Big corporate internal units.
Scenario: Sales team pays an internal invoice to the marketing team.

Currency: Shopping mall bonus points.
Scenario: Anna buys socks for bonus points at the mall.

Currency: CBCD + University Campus Credits.
Scenario: James transfers CBCD to Martha, who buys lunch with Campus Credits.

Patented concept

By using the CashButler patented technical concept, you will never infringe on others intellectual property rights and are therefore shielded against legal proceedings regarding technical issues. This means that you don’t need to worry about how to create your digital currency. Instead, you can focus on your core business.

We have a patented technical concept for digital real-time and highly secure blockchain transactions of e-currencies or tokens with a dynamic Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). In short, the patent states how transaction takes place between user devices or entities through Dynamic Checks, which is an extremely efficient way to handle a digital currency – and its creation doesn’t involve energy- and cost-intensive mining. Each Dynamic Check can be transferred as a whole, or in divided pieces according to its predetermined denomination, which each contains information about its:

  • Identity
  • Value
  • Verification of issuing entity
  • Smallest transferable unit of currency (daughter checks)

Our patent also states how user devices acts as a storage area for Dynamic Checks and that they are connectable to a currency system. A security application module in the devices verifies authenticity of a transfer between devices and also verifies that the receiving device is an authorized receiver. This verification can either be executed between users (a so called on-chain transaction, within the ledger) or with the issuer (off-chain transaction).

To put it simple – by using our patented concept you will get a traceable and secure digital currency with instant transfers.

Why should I consider CashButlers technical concept?

There are a number of reasons, for example

  • The patent is a shield against legal proceedings regarding technical issues.
  • Eliminates the need to develop a concept from scratch.
  • Ensure highly secure instant transactions with dynamic, biometric and cryptographic security.
  • Digital encrypted security – the currency can be authenticated at anytime.
  • Unlimited payments and e-currencies are able to function within the same platform.
  • All currencies can be handled by a single “digital wallet” in an app (e.g. QuickPass).
  • Enables wallet to wallet transfer without the need for banking.

How does Cashbutler differ from other technologies?

Bitcoin: A decentralized digital currency without an institutional issuer, where users create new coins by using proof of work, so called mining.
Ethereum: Use “proof of concept” rather than proof of work to approve new coins. The Ethereum platform does include a method for minting digital currency (ERC-20), but only within the platform and not off-chain.
Mobile payment systems: Systems such as the Brittish Paym, the Danish Mobilepay and the Swedish Swish, is not digital currencies but rather a simplified method for customers to transfer old Fiat money (i.e. cash) between accountholders.

CashButler: A patented technology that enables issuers to create true digital currencies that can be used in different platforms – without the time and energy consuming mining.

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Do you have a business idea of how to utilise the possibilities with a digital token or currency, or do you need to create a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)? Contact us and we’ll help you get your own digital currency!

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Do you have a business idea of how to utilise the possibilities with a digital currency, or do you need to create a central bank digital currency (CBDC)? Contact us and we’ll help you!

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Cashbutler AB was founded in 2006 in Sweden. Eleven years later, in 2017, we were finally granted the patent for the CashButler technology, which confirms that our technology is a true innovation.

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